Update Patch 10-29-2015

New patch to be released in just a few hours. This patch will update your affiliates areas and will improve the postback system even more then the last update. I have utilized the use of the postback logs table in the db and have removed all requested vars from the DB these are now written to the file. This is done to help optimize the script so it doesn’t take so much sql resources.

I have added a new postback template file that is specifically for adscend and adworkmedia, we use this option to run 1 postback file for each of those networks. no longer do you need 2 for one network for adcend and adwork.

Added some extra settings in the form to add affiliates this should make life a bit easier for everyone.

Postback logs show the requested vars sent from the network, that way you can check that they are correct.

Along with this patch I am including completed and denied wall tables and functionality for them, this is to separate the offers lists completed from the walls.

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