Internet Marketing

No matter what kind of business anyone ultimately wants to build on the Net,
targeted traffic is the key to greater income. The single best way to generate traffic
is to build your own Theme-Based Content Site.
Its Keyword-Focused Pages rank well with the Search Engines, bringing in targeted
traffic. And its high value content gets the click through to income-generating sites
such as…

• affiliate merchant sites
• your own online store
• your sales site that sells your own creations (e-books, for example)
OR the high value content of your site leads to that all important phone call or e-mail
• your professional services

If you are proceeding through this Guide with the intent to learn how to
generate commission-generated (affiliate) income, and are not interested in
selling a service online, feel free to skip right over the Service Sellers notes.. like this one…

Service Sellers Note

“Services” doesn’t necessarily mean Net-related services like programming or Web
design (although they can and should be included here). You could be…
• a cartoon artist
• an import/export specialist for China
• an investment specialist in Brazilian bonds
• an expert in Japanese netsuke
• an accountant with special knowledge of tax havens
• a copywriter
• a trainer (of just about anything!)
• an editor for medical articles
• someone who creates indexes for books
• a pharmaceutical expert
• a translator (do you know two languages?)
Your service business could be local in operation…
• a chimney cleaning service
• a plumbing contractor
• a catering service
• a landscaping company
• a concrete repair service

No matter who you are or what you do, you could benefit tremendously from a Web
Believe it or not, just about everyone has an expertise in something that
they could sell. Heck, odds are most people are already selling their services as a
primary source of income… but have never thought seriously about generating
customers globally by using the Web’s powerful outreach.

In fact, selling your professional service online is, without a doubt, the most
overlooked and virtually untapped opportunity on the Internet. Despite the
fact that it requires minimum effort and cost to bring your skills and knowledge
before a hungry-to-buy, world-wide audience, most Service Sellers fail to do so.
And the few who do attempt to utilize this medium? Well, the effort is poor indeed.
Either they put up a poorly designed “circa 1997” brochure site that no one visits. Or,
they post their specific service to one of the many online hot spots (like, for

Unfortunately, neither of these two practices gets the job done effectively and
efficiently. In order for anyone to contact you directly about your service (without a
word-of-mouth referral), you’ll have to successfully convince that person…
1) You are the best in your particular field, and OVERdeliver on your service.
2) You are trustworthy, credible, easy to work with, and THE BEST at what you do.
3) You are competitive in your pricing.
4) Your service provides the solution that s/he is looking for — better still, your service
is the only solution to her or his problems.
Bottom line?

In order to sell a service online, you need to establish a relationship with your
potential clients. A content-rich Web site and newsletter that build trust and credibility
will develop and solidify this rapport. It is only after a relationship is established that
prospects will begin to respond.

1) Develop the best Site Concept that is right for you.
2) Brainstorm profitable topics that are related to your Site Concept.
3) Select income-earning sites (merchants with affiliate programs, your own online
store and/or site that sells your e-book, service, or other product). You will refer your
high-quality, incoming traffic to these sites.
4) Finalize and register your domain name.
5) Build professional-looking Theme-Based Content Sites, full of profitable topic
pages. (No HTML knowledge needed.)
6) Build targeted, motivated traffic to your site. I’ll show you how to use powerful,
automated tools to build targeted traffic in a time-and-cost effective manner.
7) Build and nourish credible ongoing relationships with your visitors/customers
through a high-value content e-zine.
8) Convert your traffic into income by referring them to the income-generating sites.

Up until now, Net marketing has required technical knowledge and expertise beyond
most people (ex., HTML, javascript, Search Engine mastery, etc.). It also required
literally hundreds, even thousands, of hours.

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