Introducing GPT Hybrid Lite

A new version is being made. This version uses old tech to load quicker. it uses smarty template support for themes and it separates the PHP logic from the theme files. It also uses PDO. When we switch back to charging for our software this version will be free.

No need to edit a bunch of files to install.
No more need to edit action.php everytime you add a new page.
No more need to memorize what all goes where in the theme for it to work.
No more need to edit theme header to show on your site.
No more need to edit page files.

Removes 70% of features.
Features removed will need to be paid for to add to your site.
Removes alot of open edit code.
Full version of the script now costs $25.00 a month to operate.

All these changes will go into effect once this version is released. There is no estimate as to when it will be released.

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