GPT Hybrid takes the world by storm


GPT Hybrid is a work of art. It combines many features made to both enhance the member's experience . As well as the admin's experience. It was created to offer the most requested features in the CPA/GPT niche. GPT Hybrid is a turnkey GPT script.

Administrator Features:

  • Complete Admin - Allows you access to edit all the settings in your site. As well as manage all the aspects of your site.
  • Banner Rotation - Allows you to place a banners on your website, which change with every page load.
  • Traffic Counter - Tells you analytics about the traffic that visits your site.
  • Promo Codes - Allows you to give your members codes they can use to redeem for cash or points or both.
  • Proxy Detection - Allows you to use your ProxStop Account with your site to prevent your members from using proxies on your site.
  • Postback Manager - Allows you to add as many CPA/Affiliate/Advertiser networks to your site that have available postback systems.
  • Custom Meta Tags - Allows you to edit your meta tags to your site from the admin panel.
  • Admin Shoutbox - Allows you to chat to your members from a shoutbox located in the admin panel. You can ban members from accessing shoutbox, delete their chats, and/or mute them.
  • Shoutbox Groups - Set members and/or staff as shoutbox staff, edit color of shoutbox membership tag.
  • Shoutbox Bot - Bot announces when offers are awarded, when members cashout or do anything else. The box goes with the what's happening system.
  • Offerwall Manager - Allows you to add, edit, and remove any offerwalls you would like to add to your site. No more needing to pay a coder a bunch of money per offerwall you want added.
  • Private Message Viewer - Allows you to see the private messages your users send between each other this can be quite helpful when searching for frauders on your site.
  • Theme System - Allows you to add additional themes to your site. You may set themes to be changed depending on if your members are upgraded or not.
  • Gift Card Manager - Allows you to add different types of gift cards to your site. these can be used as prizes or rewards for your members.

Frontend Features:

  • Support Ticket System - Allows your members to fill out support and/or trouble tickets as a way to get help on your site.
  • Membership System - Allows your site to have a member base. You can manage your members, ban them edit them credit them lock their earnings, and do pretty much anything else that you would need to do to manage them.
  • What's Happening - Allows your members and even you the admin the ability to see live what is going on. Every time your member completes an offer or withdraws or redeems points for prizes it will be displayed in your whats happening block.
  • Inbox System - Allows your members you receive announcements from you as well as compose and/or reply to messages to and/or from other members.
  • Offer Contests - Allows your members to compete with each other when they complete offers. You may chose up to 10 winners per offer contest and you may give them cash, point, and/or prizes for winning.
  • Referral Contest - Allows you to give your members another way to compete by giving them an option of winning a contest by referring the most people. This important feature can either make or break your site. It is a very powerful feature to help you get as many new members as possible.
  • Raffle System - Allows you to set up raffles that you can set to complete on any date. You may even set them for daily, weekly, monthly, and/or yearly.
  • High/Low Game - Allows Your members to bet their points on a game where they guess if the next number will be higher or lower then the current number. Game is rigged so house wins 70% of the time.
  • Coin Flip Game - Allows members to bet Points on this game. Coin toss is easy, simply pick a side, choose a bet amount, and then flip your coin. There is always a 50/50 chance of winning.
  • Jackpot - Allows your members to participate in a jackpot that can be customized to be daily, weekly, or whatever you prefer.
  • Offer Statistics - Allows your members to see what offers they have pending, completed, and/or denied.
  • Points System - Allows your members the ability to earn and/or redeem points.
  • Point to Cash Converter - Allows your members the ability to convert their points into cash or vice versa.
  • Member Upgrades - Allows your members the ability to upgrade their account by using their currency earned or by purchase.
  • Dynamic Signature - Allows you to give your members codes they can use to redeem for cash or points or both dynamic signature banner they can display on their website or Facebook or forum signatures or anywhere else they would like to add it.
  • Earning Withdrawal - Allows your members to withdraw the funds they are earned on your site by cashing out to one of the payment processors you have setup for your site.
  • Integrated Shoutbox - Allows your members to speak with each other and you or your staff live.
  • Gift card Redemption - Allows your members to use their points and/or cash to get gift cards you have previously loaded into your site.
  • Last 10 Credited - Shows a block on the front end that shows the last 10 offers that credited, it also links to each offer.
  • Last 10 Added - Shows a block on the front end that shows the last 10 offers added to the site and links to each of them.


Download files or Purchase support:

Download Here

Purchase support

17 Responses to GPT Hybrid takes the world by storm

  1. david olson says:

    Any Demo??

  2. alice lysiak says:

    the admin panel wont allow login using user/pass admin_demo?

  3. devonta says:

    How can i get this setup for my site because I’m confused. Do you know how to install it and everythingelse. Please i need help asap!!

    • Codez says:

      There is a install guide located at register and confirm email then login and you will see the support area for the script. For me to install for you it is $10.00 USD payable via paypal. For onsite support(I go onto your server and fix bugs for you) It is $25.00 USD

  4. Devonta says:

    Ok i would like to buy it.

  5. Devonta says:

    How do i get it and get it installed

  6. Codez says:

    Download and follow the install guide.

  7. How do I install it? It looks like there’s no install guide on the downloaded offerscript-final.rar. And what is the default login account for admin?

  8. mantas says:

    maybe some one can install for me ?

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