GPT Hybrid Bug Fixes

So you have downloaded Offerscript/GPT Hybrid but you keep running into errors. You think it can't be that difficult to fix this but you wreak your brain for hours with no positive results.

Well I am here to save you from this frustration. I am releasing the bug fixes. No longer do you need to contact me for support. I am tossing that idea out of the window.  Instead you will get Install instructions as well as the major fix everyone else has been unable to solve.

Download Bug Fix


Now that you have the Update file you need to unrar it and save the index.php file within to the root of your offerscript/gpt hybrid installation.

But how do I install this script?

I am getting to that, please have some patience. To install you need to edit database.php and add in your db into, also you will need to do this with connect.php as well.

Next you need to goto your themes folder and you are going to have to do this 2 times 1 for each theme.  Open header.php located in each theme and search for <base href="http://www.<?php echo $siteurl; ?>/"> replace this with <base href="http://www.yourdomain.tld/">

Now that, that is done you may proceed to the last steps. Open your nimda directory, find and open PathConf.php insert your Home dir. save everything and upload. Don't forget to make your database and import the sql file given in your offerscript rar file to your database.

Have fun and Happy Earning.

6 Responses to GPT Hybrid Bug Fixes

  1. john scott says:

    how do u access admin panel on the script says i have no access i even logged in with the admin username codez on ir

  2. mantas says:

    i cant find <base href="http://www./“>

  3. Kushina says:

    I’m having trouble with the script. Extract the main my host folder says imports of DB. I edited the database.php connect.php and files and also the file within the folder nimba and even then the script does not work.

    In connect.php file should I change this right lines?

    $ Db = new mysqli (‘HOST’, ‘USER’, ‘PASS’, ‘DB_NAME’);

    My script is hosted in the field

  4. Kushina says:

    Notice: Undefined variable: os_DB in /customers/d/2/6/ on line 37 Fatal error: Call to a member function query() on null in /customers/d/2/6/ on line 37

    i actived phperros and this is the problem

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