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About Our Advertising
Your ad is displayed on the main page of We advertise this page within MANY websites across the web. Your banner will be seen by thousands of people every single day for just pennies.

Advertising Benefits
Every single ad comes with a stats panel to see Hits and clicks. For advanced tracking you should use a 3rd party, we recommend LinkTrack. We are particulaly targetted those who want to work from home, make money from home and start a business.

Choose From: Pay Per Click, Pay Per Impression or Pay By Day
Guaranteed Delivery or Triple Your Money back
Instant Ad Activation After Payment
Support Available via Email and Skype or phone
Bulk Discount Available

Affiliate Program
Create your free account (no purchase required) and grab your referral link. Your link will load the main page and every sale generated from your link, or downline links, will generate you a cash commission. All commission payments are paid when you reach $5.00

Commission Levels
Level 1: 10%
Level 2: 5%
Level 3: 2%

Internet Marketing

No matter what kind of business anyone ultimately wants to build on the Net,
targeted traffic is the key to greater income. The single best way to generate traffic
is to build your own Theme-Based Content Site.
Its Keyword-Focused Pages rank well with the Search Engines, bringing in targeted
traffic. And its high value content gets the click through to income-generating sites
such as...

• affiliate merchant sites
• your own online store
• your sales site that sells your own creations (e-books, for example)
OR the high value content of your site leads to that all important phone call or e-mail
• your professional services

If you are proceeding through this Guide with the intent to learn how to
generate commission-generated (affiliate) income, and are not interested in
selling a service online, feel free to skip right over the Service Sellers notes.. like this one...

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