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GPT Hybrid Lite – The Return

After much debate and loads of work, I have decided not to sell out. I am going to continue to develop and support Offerscript and it's other versions. With all big decisions like this, I have decided to restructure the entirety of the company.

March brings us lots of new changes to the script. The official GPT Hybrid Lite will be released. Finally!

Consumers have requested loads of features that other scripts have and Offerscript has failed to deliver. Such as point and click mass offer uploads. youtube and other video site integration. and much much more.

Plugins and add-ons will be rolled out in suites. each suite will have a document with their features and how to use them.

The return of the installer has been much anticipated and after long debate, I have decided to bring it back in all its splendor.

Remember the old licensing system? Well, I have decided its time to bring it back. But some changes have been made so that it no longer will need to contact a server to check if the licensing is legit. Instead, consumers will get a login and password to a server registration system. and from there a file can be downloaded to authenticate Offerscript.

The long wait is over

Due to technical issues the last update wasn't released as fast as we would have liked. But we have it together now and ready for download. Download Now

Update Patch 10-29-2015

New patch to be released in just a few hours. This patch will update your affiliates areas and will improve the postback system even more then the last update. I have utilized the use of the postback logs table in the db and have removed all requested vars from the DB these are now written to the file. This is done to help optimize the script so it doesn't take so much sql resources.

I have added a new postback template file that is specifically for adscend and adworkmedia, we use this option to run 1 postback file for each of those networks. no longer do you need 2 for one network for adcend and adwork.

Added some extra settings in the form to add affiliates this should make life a bit easier for everyone.

Postback logs show the requested vars sent from the network, that way you can check that they are correct.

Along with this patch I am including completed and denied wall tables and functionality for them, this is to separate the offers lists completed from the walls.

Download This Update

A look at GPTHybrid Lite

So in April I posted that I was going to start work on a new version, dubbed GPTHybrid Lite. Well it's starting to come together. Today I will show you all some screenshots of the look and feel of GPT Hybrid Lite. I will also outline what is done, what is still being worked on, and last but not least what ideas I have for features.

First let's take a look at some screen shots.

Now that we have went through some screen shots you might ask "where are the rest?". Well hold on, I am getting to that. So you have seen the pages that are done. I am currently working on:
The account page dashboard
The FAQ page
The Offers page
The Redemption page
The Support pages.

Now lets outline some ideas I have for additional features.

Many times you run into people that wish to have more than one site. So I am planning on making a multi-site plugin to allow you to host several sites from one installation.

Next I want to create a better theme editing system. Alot of owners have no HTML/CSS/PHP coding knowledge. Because of this I created this version. But there are still those that don't want to edit files. So my solution to this is a drag and drop theme editor. It may be quite some time before I can add this but it is in the plans.

Introducing GPT Hybrid Lite

A new version is being made. This version uses old tech to load quicker. it uses smarty template support for themes and it separates the PHP logic from the theme files. It also uses PDO. When we switch back to charging for our software this version will be free.

No need to edit a bunch of files to install.
No more need to edit action.php everytime you add a new page.
No more need to memorize what all goes where in the theme for it to work.
No more need to edit theme header to show on your site.
No more need to edit page files.

Removes 70% of features.
Features removed will need to be paid for to add to your site.
Removes alot of open edit code.
Full version of the script now costs $25.00 a month to operate.

All these changes will go into effect once this version is released. There is no estimate as to when it will be released.

Postback & Offerwall Bug Fix

Update Title: Postback Fix Update
Change Log - 04/22/2015
Changes made in this update

File Changes
- Fixed bugs in affilliates.php
- Fixed bugs in addaffilliate.php
- Fixed bugs in deleteaff.php
- Fixed bugs in editaff.php
- Fixed bugs in pbwall.php
- Fixed bugs in addow.php
- Fixed bugs in editow.php

Database Changes
- Removed network_management table

UPDATE: Changed link to free download

Download Postback & Offerwall Bug Fix now.

Exciting News

Offerscript and ZHSolutions are partnering. We will soon begin on a new script, that will be commercially available. It will be lightweight and will run on shared hosting with no problems. You will have complete control over the inner workings like you always have had with Offerscript products.

Alot of new features that do not come with our free script will be included. We will be using PDO for those of you wanting to run on the newer PHP 5.5. The theme will be separated from the programming and an interface in the admin panel will allow you to edit your theme with a code legend to make this easier. No more needing to know PHP to setup and edit your site.

So stay tuned for further updates.

Disturbing News

It has come to my attention that some downloaders of my script have chosen to modify it and sell it as their own software. By downloading my script the license is not GNU GPL. My private license is as it has always been. If I find anyone trying to sell my script as their own I will shut them down! No one has my permission to use my script as a base to a new script. You do not have my permission to edit the files and remove my copyright and/or license text. you do not have my permission to modify and sell as your own creation. Everyone caught doing so will have their site taken down forcibly. I will go over your head if I need to.

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