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Link It Ads

About Our Advertising
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A look at GPTHybrid Lite

So in April I posted that I was going to start work on a new version, dubbed GPTHybrid Lite. Well it's starting to come together. Today I will show you all some screenshots of the look and feel of GPT Hybrid Lite. I will also outline what is done, what is still being worked on, and last but not least what ideas I have for features.

First let's take a look at some screen shots.

Now that we have went through some screen shots you might ask "where are the rest?". Well hold on, I am getting to that. So you have seen the pages that are done. I am currently working on:
The account page dashboard
The FAQ page
The Offers page
The Redemption page
The Support pages.

Now lets outline some ideas I have for additional features.

Many times you run into people that wish to have more than one site. So I am planning on making a multi-site plugin to allow you to host several sites from one installation.

Next I want to create a better theme editing system. Alot of owners have no HTML/CSS/PHP coding knowledge. Because of this I created this version. But there are still those that don't want to edit files. So my solution to this is a drag and drop theme editor. It may be quite some time before I can add this but it is in the plans.

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